Best tips to write a great cover letter for a resume!

cover letter for a resume

Finding jobs is no easy task. You’re often faced with stiff completion for places or the job that you’re looking for is just not available. In the competitive job world of today, either you stand out or you falter – it is as simple as that. The most crucial tool for making a good impression on your employer is your cover letter. A cover letter for a resume serves as your first direct communication with your employer. This necessitates the writing of a great cover letter for your resume to allow you to stand out from the crowd and be noticed.

For many of us, writing a good cover letter is the most challenging part of the hiring process. You’re often confused about what to put in and what to exclude. You ask yourself how long the cover letter for a resume should be and what to highlight in there. Here, let us discuss some points that would allow you to write a stellar cover letter for a resume that makes a difference.

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Open Your Cover Letter for Resume with Enthusiasm

No hiring manager in the world wants to hire a boring applicant who is not excited at the opportunity. As stated before, your cover letter is your first impression. Begin your cover letter by sounding excited and enthusiastic about the opportunity because that would attract the HR manager’s interest instantly. Start by writing how wonderful you feel the role is for you and how it is perfectly aligned with your skills and career goals. You could also state how your skillset would bring immediate value to the organization. If you could briefly explain how you could contribute to the organization in your cover letter for your resume, that would also be great.

Focus on the value you bring


Remember that your cover letter for your resume is just one part of your job eligibility demonstration. It is always going to be accompanied by your resume, which includes your entire career story and credentials. Thus, your cover letter for your resume should be used to highlight the credentials most relevant to that particular job role. Hiring managers are going to be interested in you only if they feel you bring value to the organization. They should find things of direct interest to their companies in your cover letter for resume. The best advice should be to narrow down your three best value propositions and highlight them in your cover letter.

Authenticity is Key

Reading through your cover letter is just the first step to a potentially long hiring process. If your include overstated or fictitious information in your cover letter, chances are that they are going to come back to haunt you. While you can get away with false or overstated information in your cover letter, there will be no hiding during your interview. Be authentic because hiring managers will see right through your lies or tall claims. Be truthful with what you have done and what value you bring.

Keep it simple and short

Your cover letter for resume will be one of several that a hiring manager has to go through. He/she simply would not have the time to read through your elaborate stories. Brainstorm what you want to include in your cover letter for your resume, and draft it in a concise copy. Keeping it short might make a difference for you at the end of the day.

Proofread and Seek Feedback

cover letter for a resume

Proofreading your cover letter would allow you to identify mistakes, if any, in your cover letter. Make sure all mistakes are rectified because you would never want to sound unprofessional through silly typos and mistakes. So you’re done with writing your cover letter. What now? The best thing you could do before finalizing your cover letter is to have it read by someone else. Feedback from another individual would give your cover letter a fresh outlook and an opportunity to improve upon it.

Utilize these basic but extremely useful tips in your cover letters and brace yourself for hearing back from numerous hiring managers!

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