Here’s a list of 10 best employment agencies in Sweden for you!

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Are you planning to work in Sweden? – Recruitment agencies can help you get into the Swedish labor market. In this article, you will find a list of the best employment agencies in Sweden. Besides the Swedish Public Employment Service, there are other top private staffing companies. They specialize in certain industries that allow job searchers in specific fields to find a variety of opportunities.

Top 10 employment agencies in Sweden

1, The Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen)

best employment agencies in Sweden

The Swedish Public Employment Service offers support to job seekers, ranging from up-to-date jobs information to useful advice. In collaboration with the Swedish Migration Agency, it regularly creates a list of highly demanded occupations in Sweden- the labor shortage list (pdf in Swedish only). If you get a job in one of those listed high-demand occupations, you can apply for a work permit from Sweden without having to return to your home country to apply.

2, Recruitment International

best employment agencies in Sweden

Recruitment International is a leading recruitment firm that finds, motivates, and connects the best-qualified candidates with clients ‘requirements. This is one of Sweden’s oldest consulting firms that provide executive search, search, recruitment, selection, in-depth interviews, reference taking, personal development interviews, HR services, interim management, and international recruitment. In both private and public sectors, their core jobs focus on executive roles and specialist positions.

3, Incluso 

best employment agencies in Sweden

Incluso is one of the best recruitment and staffing agencies in Sweden that specializes in fostering foreign-born graduates into the Swedish labor market. With over 10 years of expertise in attracting the best international talents, Incluso has conducted extensive search and sourcing to provide its clients with the best prospective candidates to their needs. Their specialist areas include Administration, Accounting, Communication, Engineering, Finance, HR, IT & Tech, Logistics, Marketing & Sales.

4, Undutchables 

best employment agencies in Sweden

Undutchables is an international recruitment company that helps English-speaking job seekers build their careers in Sweden and the Netherlands. For employers, Undutchables offer services in matching highly competent foreign workers who have a command of the language and are familiar with the culture.

5, Ferrotaget 

best employment agencies in Sweden

Ferrotaget is a hotel and restaurant recruiting firm that focuses on staffing solutions service for restaurants, hotels, bars, nightclubs, corporate parties, sporting events, and other events. This recruiting firm is a must-visit for anybody interested in the hospitality or service industry.

6, Säljpoolen

Säljpoolen is Sweden’s top recruitment agency, located in 3 big cities: Gothenburg, Stockholm, and Malmö. Since 1995, the company has focused on providing recruitment services to both companies and employees in different positions are within the leadership, sales, and market industry.

7, Autorekrytering

Founded in 2005, Autorekrytering is Sweden’s leading hiring and recruitment agency in the automotive industry. Their main areas of specialization include Recruitment, Crew, Auto Executive, Office, Outsourcing, and Tire Fitters.

8, Kimm

Kimm is a well-known recruitment consultancy for marketing and communication. It is based in Stockholm, Göteborg, and Malmö. The company specializes in recruiting and finding consultants for positions in communication, information, marketing, and media.

9, Ehrab Workforce Solutions 

Ehrab Workforce Solutions is a Swedish leading staffing supplier in the construction and civil engineering industry. Building Construction, Electrical Installation, and Installation are their key areas of concentration.

10, Adecco Sweden

Adecco is a subsidiary of the Adecco Group – the world’s leading HR company. Adecco has 31 locations across Sweden that provide customized personnel solutions, staffing & recruitment solutions, interim solutions and outsourcing.

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