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In a country like Sweden where the influx of students is increasing by the year, there is a serious demand for jobs. Notable universities like Gothenburg University and the Chalmers University of Technology attract students from all around the world. There is a strong contingent of students looking for part-time jobs in Gothenburg. Finding them is not as hard as you might think it is.

find part-time jobs in Gothenburg

The City of Gothenburg

Gothenburg is one of Sweden’s busiest and most popular cities. Situated on the west coast border of the country, the city is known for being a port city, attracting visitors from all over Europe. Along with the conventional Swedish landscape, the city stands out for its canal and boulevards. Interestingly, the city is the birthplace of one of the world’s most famous automotive companies – VOLVO. Affordability-wise, the city is better than Stockholm but you cannot call it a budget-friendly city to live in.

With a population of over six hundred thousand, there can be a lot of competition for jobs. This is why for some, finding part-time jobs in Gothenburg can be a difficult task, with most job aspirants going to job-seeking sites for solutions, but often to no avail.

Availability of part-time jobs in Gothenburg

Part-time jobs in Gothenburg are an integral part of the city’s economy. With the burgeoning population of students with each passing year, part-time jobs keep their pockets full. Students have to manage their education and living expenses themselves, for which part-time jobs in Gothenburg become essential. Students have little choice when looking for part-time jobs. Most students are either underqualified for full-time jobs or are ineligible for them. In order to sustain life, they look for part-time jobs in Gothenburg.

Swedish law allows is very supportive of students working. The law allows students to work for as many hours in a week as they would like. This allows students the freedom to pick and choose both their hours and their jobs. Companies require students to be enrolled full-time in a program or hold 50% employment to become eligible for part-time jobs in Gothenburg.

Employchain to the rescue

In today’s day and age, swiping up, downright, or left on a smartphone means interacting with your peers or finding a match. What if swiping right or left led you to a good job with good pay, exactly what you were looking for? Imagine finding the ideal part-time jobs in Gothenburg with just a few taps on a smartphone screen. This is exactly what Employchain is – the Tinder for jobs!

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Employchain is an app-based recruitment solution that can help you find part-time jobs in no time. As described earlier, it has a Tinder-like interface that matches you with the ideal job that you so badly wanted. The application is easy to download on the Appstore and Google Play Store and will take no time to set up. All you would have to do is enter your bio to make a profile, add your skillset and what you’re good at and that is it. You’ll be swiping your way into new recruiters and jobs immediately after. Finding jobs in Gothenburg was never this easy.

What are you waiting for? Download the app now and find part-time jobs in Gothenburg.


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