Land your dream job with these tips for a good resume!

Land Your Dream Job With These Tips For A Good Resume

Resume writing is an art that very few people have been able to master. Despite thousands of students graduating in Sweden every year, most do not have a presentable resume to share. According to estimates, over 75 percent of resumes do not reach the hiring manager. Most often, the applicant tracking system (ATS) reject the resume automatically. With these useful tips for a good resume, you can increase your chances of landing that perfect job you’ve been dreaming about.

First Impression Really Is the Last Impression

Imagine you’re a hiring manager skimming over resumes received through LinkedIn. What would be your judgement criterion for an applicant? His or her resume, of course! Your resume acts as your salesman and your advocate. Hiring managers judge your personal and professional credentials through your resume. Many graduating students do not take tips for a good resume seriously and end up being rejected for roles despite being qualified.  Your resume must strategically be constructed for a hiring manager to take you seriously. Typical hiring managers take between 7 to 10 seconds in reading an average resume – better be sure of what you include in there. Here are some tips for a good resume that will let your skills, experience, and personality stand out from the crowd.

Five Most Important Tips for a Food Resume

tips for a good resume

Keep it short and simple

This is perhaps the most undervalued of all tips for a good resume. Even if you have loads of experience and have got plenty to tell, make sure your resume is short and concise. The important thing to note here is to decide on what is important and what is not. Include all essential and priority points. A two-page resume should be enough. You would not want the hiring manager to be bored, would you?

Ditch the Objective Statement

The run of the mill ‘objective statement’ at the top of your resume is so 2000s. If we’re being honest, no one reads those anyway. Instead, write a brief introduction about yourself that lets the reader know about who you are what you are good at. The key here, again, is to be concise and to the point. This essential tip for a good resume will give your resume a robust beginning.

Best Stuff ‘Above the Fold’

Have you ever thought about why the best bits in a newspaper are on the first half of the front page? It is to entice the reader to read further. Make sure that you include the best experience and achievement somewhere in the first third of your resume. This tip for a good resume will make a great first impression in the minds of the reader.

Be Creative

Since standing out makes such a difference during the hiring process, so should your resume. In today’s day and age, resumes are anything but simple. You can take inspiration from the numerous templates available online. The important tip for a good resume here is not to go overboard with your creativity. Different but professional is the way to go.

Game-Changing Content Tip for A Good Resume

Include Keywords

This tip for a good resume can be a life-changer for you in your career. ATS rejects resumes by recognizing keywords in the copy. The system detects a lack of essential keywords in the resume and prevents it from going through. Make sure you conduct thorough research on the important keywords for your role in job ads or job descriptions. Include them in your resume and see the difference yourself!

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